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Novice Guard

The name Garrison was chosen to represent the ideal of a guard. It's original meaning is an army stationed to protect a location. As a guard, Garrison believes we should be protectors of our community; protecting the queer folk that are most vulnerable and ensuring everyone feels safe and welcomed.

Garrison grew up in small town Minnesota and came down to Iowa for college and ended up finding a home community in Des Moines. Garrison works in IT and is quite the nerd-type, but also loves  sculpting with polymer clay.

Guard Garrison, is excited to join the sisters in supporting local charities that do invaluable work with our LGBTQ+ brothers, sisters,  and non-binary friends; and is thinking of novel ways to raise money. In the future, Garrison hopes to help achieve fundraising goals by using his love of sculpting to create little creations that can be sold to benefit the charities the house supports.

As an introvert, this is a lot of peopling for Garrison, but he is willing to make the sacrifice for a good cause.

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