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Novice Sister
Majora T. Whips

Novice Sister Majora T. Whips (the 'T' stands for 'Term Limits') is a warrior against tyranny. She isn't afraid to crack her knuckles, a whip, and a couple skulls - and keep you guessing in what order it will be. Majora is a genderfreak who paints for battle against any usurpers of omniversal joy.

Off the clock, Majora enjoys finding new hobbies. She's always said she'll try anything once under the right circumstances. Many hobbies have come and gone, but one staple that remains is telling her aging cat who nestles into the crook of her neck about her daily shenanigans. He's a very good boy.

Majora also enjoys a good sci-fi or horror book or film. If it makes her jump or cover her eyes, it gets the highest recommendation. Some of her favorite hobbies she would love to have more time for include camping to test her survival skills (she would high key be a prepper if it wasn't expensive) and magnet fishing to clean up the rivers and lakes.

Majora is ultimately a softie. But don't let her know you know that.

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