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Join the Priory

We are always looking for outgoing, energetic people to join the Priory. Find one of the nuns at any of our events to discuss the Priory and then click the link below to join the nut, we mean, nun house.

No information will be shared outside the group and will only be used for official Sister business.

Request Some Sisterly Action

The Priory of the Wilde Rose Sisters would love to grace you with our presence. We’re kind of a big deal (if we do say so ourselves) so we need as much notice as possible, minimum of 1 month prior to your event.


Click the link below to submit your request. We will discuss requests at our monthly general meeting, the first Sunday of each month, and we respond as soon as possible.


Our schedule is hectic at best but we make every effort to attend all events requested.

To learn more about our house, our mission, or any general inquiries, please email
For anonymous feedback, please submit via the form below.  

Thank you for submitting! If you provided an email, we will respond as soon as we are able.

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