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Our Sistory

The Priory of the Wilde Rose Sisters became a vision in June of 2022. Floggerella Glitterati and Acoxa Lotl soon recruited Ada Boufeit to begin a journey that would soon lead to a group of clown nuns and clown guards serving not only the LGBTQ+ community of Des Moines, Iowa, but also that of all of Iowa. After all, the Wild Rose is the official state flower of Iowa, and we are all flowers in our own rights.

Priory Mission

Elevated to a Mission House in April 2024, the sisters have dedicated themselves to providing community service, promoting equality for all, and offering a ministry to those who are in need of expressing their individuality and uniqueness. It is the desire of the Priory to use our wisdom, humor, and frivolity to educate those attempting to promote bigotry and guilt that would “de-flower” and destroy our community.

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