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Novice Sister
Ada Boufeit

Sister Ada Boufeit (Steve Angell) began her journey of serving the LGBTQ+ community when it was only the LGBT community, she is so excited to see the Alphabet Army grow. In November of 2002, Sister Ada took on the challenge of sisterhood with the guidance of Sister Clara Cum Passionata, and Sister Wilma Titzgro of the MOPI House. Sister Ada helped the queer community of Des Moines with various fundraising activities, entertaining, and lost souls behind the dumpster. She learned Missionary Order does not necessarily mean Missionary Position.

Sister Ada helped with the Aids Walk, Midwest Hibernation, and the All Iowa Aids Benefit, closing the show with the greatest pride song of all time. In November of 2003, Sister Ada was elevated to fully professed at Hibernation in St. Louis by Sister Clara, and declared “Best Bear Nun”. When Sister was called to a new location in Iowa, she never lost contact with the Motherhouse. She was able to continue her work for LGBTQ (still the + had not arrived) youth by leading the GSA group at the local high school, she was also active in PFLAG (Sister is aware all these names have changed, but she is an old gal now).

Sister Ada Boufeit can show you any buffet in Iowa, and has probably visited all of them, spreading goodness and cheer, and other things. Please do not attempt to take food from her plate, you may end up with a fork in your hand, she enjoys a good forking.

When Sister Ada is not spreading joy and love, Steve can be found teaching Mortuary Science, and coaching womens basketball at Des Moines Area Community College.

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