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Novice Sister
Anita Biscotti

Novice Sister Anita Biscotti began her career in debauchery and joy in late fall 2022. She is proud to be a founding member of the Priory of the Wilde Rose.

Always ready with a rubber chicken, a dad joke, and a bear hug, she enjoys spreading joy wherever she goes.

As a director with Iowa Leather Weekend, a former officer of the Capital Bears, the first ever Mr Iowa Bear, and the first representative of Iowa Leather Weekend to bring home an International title, Novice Sister Anita likes to offer a helping hand to all those she can.

While not dressed as a librarian on the streets, Anita is married to her lovely husband Paul “duck.” They share a home in Des Moines, Iowa with their two four legged fur babies Marge and Mabel. Novice Sister Anita works in Healthcare Administration and routinely volunteers with local healthcare foundations offering numerous free medical services through central Iowa.

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