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Novice Sister
Lucy Tarte

Bonjour! Je suis Poissons, très créatif, je n'aime pas le patriarcat, et j'adore les hommes barbus.

For the French-impaired: Hello! I'm a Pisces, very Creative, I hate the Patriarchy, and I love bearded men.

Lucy, Lucille if you’re nasty, is originally from Michigan where she pursued a degree in Fashion Design/Fiber Arts. She worked for a few design businesses before turning to her true love of teaching. Lucy and her husband, Randi (a guard for the Priory), moved to Iowa for a new chapter in their lives.

Lucy is of French/French Canadian and Scottish descent, which inspires her style. Other inspirations range from designers like Iris Van Herpen, Rick Owens, Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, and vintage/historical fashion. Sometimes a gothy/witch vibe is added in for good measure and comes from her Wiccan faith. Lucy tries to make it her own personal design challenge to make everything she wears as both a sister and outside the Priory.

Lucy looks forward to sewing together the community! She plans to help tailor every event the Sisters attend, and make sure everyone fits in! If you ever want a cuddly hug, a palm or tarot reading, or sewing/crafting advice just seek her out!

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